Advanti DST

All Advanti DST wheels are designed and engineered in house to the highest quality and testing standards, including JWL, JWL-T, VIA and TÜV.


Dynamic Spinning Tech (DST) is Advanti Racing’s latest propriety technology. Utilizing flow forming technology to apply pressure on the inner wheel after casting. The DST process stretches and forms the material, resulting in greater tensile strength similar to forged wheels. The result is greater strength, reduce unsprung weight and shock resistance over conventional cast wheels. These characteristics subsequently transfer into better vehicle performance.

Advantages of Flow Formed Wheels

  • Reduces unsprung weight
  • Light weight characteristics comparable to forged wheels at a fraction of the cost
  • Quicker heat dissipation reduces heat built up and stress on the tire and braking components
  • Higher tensile strength compared to conventional gravity cast wheels resulting in higher resistance to impacts.


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